Many people are talking about prophecy or doom doom 2012 will happen in 2012, this makes a lot of people find out what was right in the end of 2012 will occur as long talked about this, to respond to that so here I will give articles that discuss the year's end 2012 prediction that may not be occurred, because the prediction that blow over this mere predictions and only the truth can not be accounted for

      Here are some reasons that would argue with the estimated end of year 2012 I took from okezone.com, where the proclamation of the Resurrection in 2012 was a little too much to make us afraid of impending doom if this is getting closer, if it will happen in 2012 is

      Estimates of the coming end of 2012 has been much discussed in various media. In fact, the estimate is actually a natural phenomenon of maximum solar activity that routinely occur periodically once every 11 years.

      Head of Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Adi Sadewo Salatun mention, in science, such phenomena are said to be a scientific end.

     "We knew two of Resurrection. One is a religion that believes the end of each race in accordance with their respective beliefs. The second is the scientific end," said Adi when found in his office, Monday (9/11/2009).

     "Simply put, the astronomers described it as a gravitational force of the sun activity is very strong and once every 11 years his behavior improved. We pull of gravity is so strong and unbearable, this will cause a hydrogen explosion," said Adi.

     Simply put, Adi said that when subjected to maximum activity, solar radiation can affect the Earth. When gravity is weaker, the sun will expand and the Earth can go into the fire.

     The impact caused a major impact on the Earth. For example, when the last time it happens, this phenomenon causes the satellite's orbit shifts. When the satellite palapa changed its location. Even with the satellites of other countries. Japan's satellite Ardios dead even total.Hal certainly affect the public communications on Earth.

     In extreme cases this is enough to disrupt the transmission of electricity on Earth that causes relay station exploded and died PLN electricity.

     "The task is Lapan told this to telecom operators, PLN and other communities near the occurrence of this phenomenon," said Adi.

     However, according to Adi, as far as Lapan until now seen only natural sun activities, no symptoms to fear.

     "When the sun will do the maximum activity, from now on can be detected how the behavior," he said

     Hopefully with a little information about the forecast or estimate end 2012 can give you a picture and tranquility to you all.

Title : 2012 DOOMSDAY.. ITS REAL??
Description :       THE END OF DAYS IS 2012. REALLY?????      Many people are talking about prophecy or doom doom 2012 will happen in 2012, this...

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