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In an area in one Middle Eastern country or Africa, try to take a leaf and chew the bitter, soon you will feel the energy boost 'second', decreased appetite, and excessive joy without a cause, except for eating leaves bitter itself. That's qat leaf. imagine that you have friends or relatives who are living in Yemen and was having a wedding instead of cake or fresh snacks that you can take, but the leaves of qat! not only in Yemen, in Somalia and Ethiopia, a bitter leaf spread is quite vivid. sold in traditional markets with the market price of 100 thousand rupiah per strapped him. so, do not try to try to pick qat from a garden because you will probably be shot. okay, maybe not that extreme, but rest assured, qat leaves is a commodity that is calculated in the countries mentioned above, man. 65% men and 35% of women consuming qat leaf. because the effect of 'fun' is taken from these leaves, the opportunity to make money, and still lax mores, a mother breast-feeding children even though he did not refuse to not chew qat leaves, usually in the morning before the afternoon activities and leisure time.

Every day, leaf qat Yemen sent out traded in European countries, Australia, and North America. more and more people are forced to consume qat plant planting area was increased 10-fold in the land of Yemen since 1970. even in Ethiopia, qat leaves is a major commodity in the foreign trade sector. though seems good for the African country's economy, a concern arose. well because it is addicting or addictive, in Somalia, mental health problems from one of the consumer due to excessive consumption. This might be a new kind of narcotics. while in the West, a number of countries involved in determining plant debate is a legal categories such as tobacco or illegal category as marijuana, cocaine and marijuana. This time, caught chewing qat leaves in the U.S., Canada, and most European countries themselves will take you to jail, but maybe not too heavy criminal. in Saudi Arabia, Planting, distribute and chewing qat leaves is very dangerous to the health of the body is forbidden even forbidden. prohibition and the prohibition of qat leaves is very effective way in Saudi Arabia because it is supported by the government authorities and the local clergy. whereas in the UK 'green land full of freedom', chewing qat leaves is still allowed, but its circulation is controlled by government authorities.

My analysis: if a few leaves of qat chewing raw could be adverse effects for mental health. what would happen if qat leaf ogled by the drug cartels as the next raw materials and processed in such a way with a variety of hazardous chemicals? the excessive use will make you ... .. (BE WHAT?)


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