Earth is very beautiful. but the beauty of the earth not only from the obvious beauty of the eye can see. real beauty of our home-earth on racial differences are occupied, the uniqueness of its contents, even ... ugliness itself. ladies and gentlemen, this is! Top 10 Bad thing on Planet Earth who should know:

1. Botulinum Toxins: Toxins worst

This toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, and is the most deadly protein. when the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum spores settle on food or wounds, then he will start to produce this toxin. This poison is very deadly because it is sufficient to 1 kg only so he could kill the entire human population on Planet Earth. whether this makes people shunned botulinum toxin? no, because at the present time many women who inject this poison into their faces to remove wrinkles of aging with Botox therapy called (Botulinum Toxin). so why are like Botox should know the acronym and its origins.

2. Mongoose Honey: Animals worst

Honey Luwak is usually found in Africa and West Asia and the South has entered the Guinness Book of Records with the title "being the most fearless". This animal (which looks cute) will attack almost anything and he was smart enough to know the weaknesses of his opponent. for example, when dealing with the human male, he will attack his testicles. he was also one of the few animals that use tools - such as using wood as a ladder. mongoose who loved this honey often ignore safety when entering the hive, something that often drive her to death. mongoose honey can kill crocodiles, snakes and killer very efficient. only needed 15 minutes to eat a snake whose length is 1.5 meters. ferocity of the animal was already known in nature and even a leopard or a lion is not going to try to kill him.

3. Mosquitoes: Insects worst

No surprise again that the mosquito has become the worst insect in the world. at night when we lay in bed, we could hear them buzzing, but we can not see them - and then in the morning many stripes appear on our bodies. other than that he was also the most deadly insect in the world for spreading malaria and dengue fever, the truth is ... unconvinient mosquito killing 2 million people per year, and spread the disease to 70 million people in the world per year. not to mention the brother of the Culex that cause disease Elephant Legs. little barbaric.

4. The fatal insomnia derivatives: Symptoms of the worst diseases

Insomnia is a disease derived only found in 28 families throughout the world. This disease prevents you from sleeping and no drugs available that can help you. when the disease began to attack, the patient will not be able to sleep that night for 7-36 months until they die.
stages of the disease are as follows:

- Patients experiencing insomnia levels, causing panic, paranoia, and phobia. This phase lasted for about four months.
- Hallucinations and panic going on for about five months.
- Inability to sleep quickly followed by weight loss. This went on for about three months.
- The patient became mute or unresponsive for six months. This is the latest development of the disease, and then the patient will die.

5. The bullet ant: Bite the worst

Ants bite the bullet has a ranking of the most painful in the world because of illness such as hit, which can be explained as follows: "waves of burning pain for up to 24 hours". These ants found in southern Nicaragua to Paraguay. like other ants, they live in large colonies are usually located at the base of the tree. These ants are used in a ritual ceremony for boys in Satere-Mawe tribe of Brazil. Boys wore gloves with hundreds of ants - they have to suffer the bite for 10 minutes and they must perform this ritual several times. arm boys who perform this ritual is usually paralyzed as a result of toxins and their bodies could be shivering for a few days. crazy! what the meaning of the ritual?!

6. Salvinia Molesta: worst algae

Also known as Kariba weed. Salvinia Molesta a nail water plants from Brazil. These plants float on the water and breed twice within a few days. and finally all the surface of the lake will be covered by this plant that has a height of up to 24 inches. a very disturbing thing is this plant against the sun into the water, which in turn makes other animals and plants become dead. things worse, we can not kill this plant. if we break into small pieces, each piece will grow a new plant. in the United States upaya2 has done to get rid of this plant using a crane, but there is always a small part of plants that fell back into the water and eventually grow back. This plant can now be found all over the world and causing damage everywhere he is.

7. Rafflesia arnoldi (Flower carcass): Interest stink

The plant is found in many forests in Sumatra. interest that only one in every plant known to produce odor resembling the smell of rotting corpses. color is similar to rotting flesh in order to fool the insects trapped in it and then digested as food. end of the flower has the same temperature with the human body temperature, the same thing used to trick the prey and also help to spread foul smell attract prey.

8. Traveler spider Brazil: the worst spider

The spider has a large bite off the most painful and caused the death of spider bites is highest in the world of spiders. if a man will cause his penis bitten tense for hours! This certainly is not a good substitute for Viagra, man!

9. Candiru: Fish worst

This fish is very dangerous than piranha. why? A lot of fish found in the Amazon River is the food is like a vampire prey's blood. the smell of human urine would invite him, and he can get into the penis or vagina. its the only way out is by surgery. So do not piss in the Amazon River. never and ever!

10. Human: Destroyer worst environment.

SMOKE... No need to explain it again. that can be done is filled, introspection, and change. peace.

Description : Earth is very beautiful. but the beauty of the earth not only from the obvious beauty of the eye can see. real beauty of our home-earth on r...


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